DOAG 2016 Exaday






Two our presentations has been accepted:

– „High Level BI project: Exadata, Golden Gate, OBIE and ODI“
Speakers: Andrzej Rydzanicz and Borys Neselovskyi (me)

– „Die Unternehmenscloud: Create, manage, monitor and use it“
Speakers: Stefan Seck and Borys Neselovskyi (me)


We’ll see you in Hamburg on 13.04.2016!




How to create WebLogic Server datasource & add the datasource to my Cluster: WLST

Creating the Python Script

# set variables
# AdminServer URL:
admurl = ‚t3://myhost:7001‘
# WebLogic Admin User:
username = ‚weblogic‘
# WebLogic Admin User Password:
passwd = ‚welcome1‘
# Datasource Name
datasourcename = ‚mydatasource‘
# JNDI Patch:
jndiname = ‚/jdbc/mydatasource‘
# CLuster Name
clustername = ‚mycluster‘
# Connection Pool Settings:
initialcap = 5
maxcap = 5
mincap = 5

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How to create / drop WebLogic user via WLST

Create Admin User myuser with Admin Credentials:


Drop user myuser:




Configuring Frontenhost in WebLogic and SOA Suite

If you are using the Frontend Server (Webserver) for your SOA / WebLogic Environment you may configure this on two places

SOA Server Callbackup Configuration

Login to Enterprise Manager Console and navigate to SOA -> soa-infra -> SOA Administration -> Common Properties:

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Erste Erfahrungen mit dem neuen WebLogic Server 12.2.1: Installation und Konfiguration

Hier beschreibe ich meine ersten Erfahrungen mit dem WebLogic 12.2.1 und mit der Multitenant Option

Installation WebLogic Server 12.2.1

Software Download

Software kann man entweder auf der OTN Seite oder in der Oracle Software Cloud runterladen:

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OBIEE Installation on Linux OEL 6: Step by Step

In this blog post I will describe the OBIEE Installation on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.

The Oracle database needed for this installation is already installed

Prepare the Operating System:

as root on the OS Level enable Unicode:

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Installation ODI 12.1.3: step by step…

This document describes the installation of Oracle Data Integrator Version 12.1.3 on the Linux (OEL) Server.

Prepare the Installation

Minimal Server Requirements

Check the Oracle Documentation for the Prerequisites. Your Server must have following (min.) Settings;

RAM:    8 GB

Disk:    20 GB

Temp:    2 GB

Swap:    8 GB

Enable Unicode Support

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