Install 12c SOA and OSB at Exalogic vServer coherence issue

Install 12c SOA and OSB at Exalogic vServer coherence issue by Matthias Fuchs



For a Proof of Concept we need SOA and OSB Installation a virtual Exalogic Server. The database is hosted on a Exadata as a pluggable 12c DB. The first steps are the same as a normal install:

  • install binaries Version
  • create RCU repository
  • start configure domain

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OEM 12c Plug-In für Oracle Database Appliance ist verfügbar!!!

Es ist so weit! Seit 08.04.2015 ist das OEM 12C Plug-In für ODA verfügbar.

Mit dieser Version des Plug-In kann eine ODA aus dem Enterprise Manager überwacht und administriert werden.

Das Plug-In steht für alle ODA Versionen (V1, X3-2, X4-2 und X5-2) zur Verfügung!

Die PLug-In Dokumentation ist verfügbar:


WebLogic 12.2.1 & Coherence Roadmap

WebLogic Community


· New Video: WebLogic Roadmap
WebLogic is currently in its 12.1.3 release, but exciting things are coming in 12.2.1 and beyond. Get the scoop in this video from Oracle OpenWorld.

· New Video: Coherence Roadmap
In another OpenWorld video session, we explore the history, present-day and futures for Oracle Coherence.

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For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


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SOA Suite auf einer ODA? Mit O-Box – ein Kinderspiel


Eine Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) ist als geeignete Plattform für den Betrieb von Oracle Datenbanken bekannt. Die Oracle RAC oder One Node RAC Datenbanken lassen sich sehr schnell und unkompliziert auf einer ODA Maschine installieren und betreiben.

Seit der Version 2.6 ist es möglich, auch einen WebLogic Server auf ODA zu betreiben, und das neben der Datenbank. Dafür muss die ODA mit einem Image bespielt werden, das Virtualisierung unterstützt.

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Upgrading Oracle SOA Suite from 11g to 12c by Danilo Schmiedel

SOA Community Blog

clip_image002Today I’d like to share my presentation on upgrading Oracle SOA Suite from 11g to 12c. It contains information on how the product evolved the last couple of years. It also explains different upgrade strategies, the difference between in-flight upgrade and migration, important pre-upgrade tasks, the upgrade steps itself and post-upgrade steps.

Additionally it lists the experiences and upgrade results that we’ve achieved in two different scenarios: in-flight upgrade as well as migration. Get the presentation here and Watch his video 2 Minute Tip: Upgrading to Oracle SOA Suite 12c


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Caching in OSB 12c without Out-Of-Process Coherence Servers by Ricardo Ferreira

SOA Community Blog


One of the most popular use cases for Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is the mediation of synchronous service interactions. In this scenario, a client invokes the service through a proxy instead of the actual service endpoint, guaranteeing that the consumer is decoupled from the producer. This type of architecture allows producers to be changed without impacting the consumers, allowing greater agility for projects with volatile requirements.

Synchronous services that return results that do not change often are good candidates to have their results cached by OSB, through a feature called Result Caching. This improves performance by reducing network overhead to access the back-end service. Result caching can help to improve scalability by reducing the load on the back-end servers that host the service. Figure 1 illustrates a client invoking a synchronous service with Result Caching enabled.

Although using the Result Caching feature may seem to always be a good…

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