Extend Filesystem /u01 on an Exadata ComputeNode

Do you know the problem: an Exadata does not have enough space in filesystem /u01? The Exadata has the locale storage and you can increase /u01.


1. Check filesystem and associated volume:

[root@myexadb01]# df -h

Filesystem                      Size    Used    Avail    Use%    Mounted on
/dev/mapper/VGExaDb-LVDbSys1     30G    23G    5.7G    80%    /
tmpfs                           757G    4.0K    757G    1%    /dev/shm
/dev/sda1                       488M    48M    405M    11%    /boot
/dev/mapper/VGExaDb-LVDbOra1    158G    107G    43G    72%    /u01

Check the free space in the volume group:

[root@myexadb01]# pvs
PV         VG        Fmt    Attr    PSize    PFree
/dev/sda2    VGExaDb   lvm2   a—u     1.63t    1.38t

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